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Logo Design

May 2018 | QVC US Content & Creative

Won a contest that had team members come up with a logo for our newly named Content & Creative department; included over 50 entries from Design, Copy, and more.

Logo Design Contest.jpg
In the Press

I’m proud to say that QVC's Today’s Special Value® homepage spot was recognized by one of Forbes Magazine's Top 10 Marketers, Neil Patel. After building this process from the ground up, to see it included on a respected website that described as a best-in-class conversion experience was a great honor.


"Underneath, is a simple line of benefit-laden copy with a price anchor (“Under $90”) and free shipping incentive (which almost all consumers – 82% – want)."

Pacesetter Award

February 2017 | QVC US Platforms

Saved 75% of execution time by conceptualizing and managing the creation of a tool that organizes all art, copy, communication, and deadlines for the most high-profile spot on QVC's desktop, app, and mobile sites. See certificate.

Luminary Award

June 2014 | QVC US Marketing

Transformed a complex copy approval process by taking it from an unwieldy, email-based system to a more efficient online message board which impacted over 1,000 users, saved upwards of 90,000 emails per year, and cut execution time in half. See certificate.

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