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Brand Voice One Sheeter

2020 | Designed a quick reference guide for writers to have on hand following a larger presentation on QVC's brand voice. Text is a combination of copy written by other writers, layout/design is mine. QVC-specific information redacted.
Copy Voice Upload Image.jpg

Product Information Template

2020 | Designed a color-coded template for the Buying Team to easily identify which pieces of information the Copy Team needed in order to write product descriptions on the website.

Sharepoint Wiki Site: Final Iteration

2019 | Designed and built an entire website from the ground up with searchable information; implemented best practices for UX; commissioned three writers to help with the updating of category pages; before adding content to the site, I organized and led the updating of all style guides so that in-house and remote writers could have the most updated information.
Wiki Main Page.jpg

Sharepoint Wiki Site: First Iteration

2019 | Original design when the direction was to include only the Copy Team in the Wiki. Manager liked the idea so much that he asked me to expand it to multiple areas of the Content & Creative team, which required a different site structure and led to the final version you see above.
Wiki Original.jpg

Copy Approval Deck

2019 | An informational deck that aimed to educate the QVC Buying Team on their role in approving copy for the most important item of the day. PowerPoint version includes video content on slides 9 and 11.
Final Check Buyers Guide01.jpg

Learning Styles Presentation 

2016 | Before discussing the ins and outs of a new process, I wanted to make sure that the team would be getting what they needed as far as their particular learning styles and preferred methods of communication
Learning Styles Front Page 1.jpg

QVC Social Memes

Created memes to help promote our digital-only assortment on QVC Social.
AndIWasAll (1).jpg

Fun Along the Way

When you give the Managing Digital Content Designer Uncle Jesse hair and he hangs your "Photoshopped" picture outside his cubicle; I'm particularly proud of this one, I must say. :)

Black and White Photo Colorization

My grandmother's wedding photo from 1950, colorized in Photoshop.

Photo Retouching

Vintage photo cleaned up in Photoshop.

Digital Modernization

The photo on the left is an 1859 daguerreotype that some experts believe is Emily Dickinson at 29 years old. On the right, is representation of what she might look like today.
Modernized Emily Dickinson Before and After FRAME 02.jpg
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